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Beth is a qualified Advanced Screen Combatant and instructor, with a unique skillset enabling her to perform safely and realistically using a variety of weapon systems.

Her background lies in ballet and contemporary dance, and she specialises in choreography and movement direction, with a focus on how movement enhances character. Her choreography is authentic, expressive and original, and will be tailored to the specific needs of your production.

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Photo: Lake Productions
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Photo: Lake Productions

A variety of skills are drawn upon to create movement, whether for actors, dancers or other performers. Beth has been developing her fight technique in various disciplines, and holds a blue belt and 4 GTUK British Championship gold medals in sparring and patterns for Taekwon-Do. She enjoys learning different fight styles to broaden her combat knowledge for translation to screen.

This contrasts her training in ballet and contemporary dance which facilitates precision and an understanding of the body in a space, as well as giving her an eye for the aesthetic of movement and the shape of choreography in both combat and dance.

Whether it's performing, creating or teaching, Beth is keen to use her skillset and industry experience in a variety of contexts - don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries!


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