evoL - Emotive Circus Arts

As choreographer and assistant director for Emotive Circus Art's evoL, Beth worked closely with the director and elite circus performer's to create the sold out show.​

"The choreography is brilliantly devised, and executed with consummate skill...and achieves a statuesque beauty in its acrobatic moves and daring postures. It is a visual feast of choreographic imagination that delights the eye, the ear and the mind" - John Christopher Wood, Theatre Bath


Photo: Jamie Corbin


Photo: Damien Pell

Photo: Damien Pell

Circus Choreography

Photo: Damien Pell

Duo Acro

Photo: Damien Pell

Dance Choreographer
Emotive Circus Arts

Director: Hannah Finn

Dancer in white - Suzy Peglar

Hoop artists in purple - Scarlett Smith and Margot Ombredane

Duo acrobats in blue - Kirsty Egginton and Harry Clements

Duo acrobats in red - Indigo Barclay and Joe Dickinson

Performance photos by Jamie Corbin

Rehearsal photos by Damien Pell

Screen Fighter
Specialist Performer