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"...she worked miracles in a day, confidently and collaboratively taking a group of mixed age and experience to a point of a fully choreographed combat scene which played out beautifully in the production. She then became more involved - choreographing dance scenes and helping finesse the fight scenes so everyone felt safe. I'm looking forward to collaborating with her again on the next Key Players production!" - Sophie Key, director

Movement Direction

Photo: © Sam Key

Screenshot_20190714-201504_Video Player.

"Beth is very kind and is open to letting the team have an input to how the scene will take place. I hope to work with her again" - Elliot Benn, actor

"Beth's choreography is diverse, beautiful and intelligent, she is aware of the skill level of her performers and portrayed what the director intended precisely. Would highly recommend" - Suzy Peglar, dancer

Photo: Jamie Corbin


"Beth is an extremely dedicated and talented choreographer. She has an amazing ability to create work that is so specifically in line with the show content" - Hannah Finn, director

"Working with her was one of the most treasured parts of the whole process. She was always enthusiastic, able to be flexible and think creatively. I couldn't recommend her enough" - Scarlett Smith, hoop artist

Photo: Damien Pell

Photos: Freedom Centre UK

"Beth has been amazing at working with all our members, young and old. She was also a great support system for me as a director" - Amy Parkin, director 

Photo: Jamie Corbin


"It was a pleasure to work with Beth. She really put hard work in to choreograph an amazing group piece" - Hannah Kneedham, Freedom Centre UK events organiser

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