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Just the One
Knight Battle Pre Vis
The Woods
Jedi Vs Sith
Blood Debt

Decorum - Performed by Gus Hudgins, Beth Williams. Shot by Michael Page. Edited by Beth Williams. Visual Effects by Matthew Thomas Robinson.

D3M0NZ - Performed by Sam Lyon-Behan, Lydia Self, Beth Williams, Jack Flower. Shot and edited by Matthew Thomas Robinson.

Closed - Performed by Beth Williams, Si Dwyer, Gus Hudgins, Jeska Pike. Shot and edited by Matthew Thomas Robinson.

Knight Battle Pre Vis - Performed by Beth Williams, Marc Rodrigues-Bernet, Iain Ross. Shot and edited by Matthew Thomas Robinson.

Run - Performed by Beth Williams, Aidan Gaddass, Jason Bonthuys. Shot and edited by Tanguy Guinchard.

The Woods - Performed by Beth Williams, Jack Flower, Jonny Whittaker, Marc Rodrigues-Bernet, Kit Burden. Shot and edited by Matthew Thomas Robinson.

Just the One - Performed by Duke Carrigan, Jonny Whittaker, Jeska Pike, Lydia Self, Alice Rathbone, Taylor Parkins, Tristan Crabtree, Beth Williams, Hayward Ho, with Rex Carrigan and Nicola Carrigan. Shot by Duke Carrigan. Edited by Duke Carrigan and Beth Williams.

Jedi Vs Sith - Performed by Michael Page, Beth Williams. Shot by Scott James. Edited by Michael Page.

Ambushed - Performed by Jeska Pike, Beth Williams, Michael Page. Shot and edited by Matthew Thomas Robinson.

Blood Debt -Performed by Beth Williams, Harrison Watson, Gus Hudgins, Catherine Frost, Michael Page, Adam Ralph. Production team - University of Gloucestershire students. Edited by Beth Williams.


Mark Williams


Mark Williams

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Lake Productions

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British Action Academy

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Mark Williams

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Lake Productions

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Bare Arms

Forces to Film


British Action Academy


British Action Academy

Fight Choreography

Mark Tillotson

Short Film

Mark Tillotson


Mark Tillotson

Screen Combat
Special Action
Fight Scene
Female Fighter
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